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Connect consumers and professionals with immediate two-way communications. Verify users, notify in real-time and automate interactions – all in one platform.

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Here are some great ways

to use messaging in On-demand services

How to use real-time, global communications

to connect strangers

Yes, in many cases your mobile app is the main conversation portal between the end user and the service provider (be it a taxi driver or a plumber). Although, this may not be the best case for all circumstances — as some users may prefer not to download the app, and others might be abroad without proper internet connection. Hence, it’s crucial for on-demand service platforms to offer alternative communication channels. And that’s where texting comes in. Texting is by far the most universal mode of communications you can use to communicate with anyone – even between the end user and the service provider on your platform.

Deliver global immediacy

for the on-demand economy


The core of on-demand services is about connecting people: drivers and riders, hosts and guests, professionals and customers. For immediate needs to be fulfilled, be it a taxi ride or a home repair service, real-time, two-way communications are essential. Companies in on-demand industries can leverage various communications channels and tools to enable instant, trusted dialogue between strangers in the form of notifications, authentications and conversations. 

Verify user accounts - On-Demand Services
Verify and secure user and professional accounts

Enable secured accounts and increase trust by applying security measures at registration – and throughout the customer journey.

Automate confirmations - On-Demand Services
Accelerate and automate confirmations, notifications and conversations

Modernize your customer engagement strategy with mobile channels globally available such as SMS, chat app messaging and more in an omni-channel manner.

Expand globally - On-Demand Services
Expand services globally

Scale communications to reach new markets worldwide in an uncomplicated manner.

Top tools used by the

on-demand industry

SMS - Tools

Communicate with your users and professionals in a timely manner. SMS texts arrive immediately, making them ideal for time-sensitive, off-app communications to verify, notify and converse. 

Voice - Tools

Get in touch in real-time for brief conversations whenever cancellations, delays or any change of plans come up. 


Number Verification - Tools
Number information

Add phone number intelligence to your customer journey to address the right people at the right time, all while dodging fraudsters. 


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tyntec powers omni-channel communications, making it easy for on-demand brands to mobilize and secure customer engagement. Backed by its industry-leading global network, tyntec provides easy-to-integrate APIs for SMS, voice, number information and authentication for fast, secure mobile communications.

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