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Real-time Communications

Connect consumers and professionals with immediate, secure two-way communications. Verify users, notify in real-time and automate interactions with APIs for SMS, chat, authentication and more — all in one communications platform.

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The core of on-demand services is about connecting strangers: drivers and riders, hosts and guests, professionals and customers. For this, real-time, two-way communications are essential. Companies in the on-demand industry can leverage SMS and chat app messaging to enable instant, trusted dialogue between strangers in the form of notifications, authentication, and conversations.

Use Cases

A Trusted Customer Journey


Real-Time Communications

Verify user accounts - On-Demand Services
Verified and Secure Accounts

Provide two-factor authentication at registration — and throughout the customer journey. Additional security minimizes fake profiles and account takeovers, reducing fraud and shielding your reputation.

Automate confirmations - On-Demand Services
Alerts and More

Modernize your customer engagement strategy with SMS, chat app messaging such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, and more.

Expand globally - On-Demand Services
Expand Services Globally

On-demand companies have grown internationally in short time spans. Avoid setbacks in customer communications with a scalable platform that lets you communicate globally and reliably.

Getting Started

Key tyntec APIs for On-Demand

SMS Text

Our API for SMS is ideal for time-critical, two-way messaging to verify, notify, and interact with your customers.

Voice API Icon
Voice API

Get in touch in real time for brief conversations whenever cancellations, delays or any change of plans arise.


Verify users and use continuous authentication throughout your customer journey with a developer-friendly API for 2FA.

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Communications for On-Demand

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On-Demand Communications

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