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Online Dating Security

Combat fake accounts, prevent fraud and account takeovers to create trusted customer experiences on dating sites with two-factor authentication and mobile messaging services.

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Reducing fake dating profiles and minimizing account takeovers have become a key part of our fraud prevention agenda. User-friendly and strong two-factor authentication (2FA) provide the ideal solution for dating sites and apps that need to increase security measures without sacrificing user experience.

Use Cases

Provide Safe Online Dating


Trusted Customer Journeys

Dating - Customer Experience
Balance Security and User Experience

Find the right balance to increase user trust with user-friendly user verification and continuous authentication.

Dating - User Engagement
Increase Recurring Subscriptions and Engage Users

Constantly and proactively engage with users, notifying them when there’s a potential match nearby or quickly addressing their inquiries.

Minimize fraud, Fake Profiles, and Account Takeovers

Create user trust and grow a dating network of legitimate users by applying security measures throughout your customer journey.

Getting Started

Key tyntec APIs for Dating

2FA - Tools

Apply security measures throughout the dating journey, from user verification to continuous account 2FA. 

Number Verification - Tools
Number Verification API

Context is everything. Add phone number intelligence to your customer journey to address the right people at the right time.

SMS - Tools

Engage your user base with notifications and alerts, confirmations, proactive customer service, fraud SMS alerts, and more.

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