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Cloud-based communication is transforming customer care. It’s giving businesses the ability to send updates and resolve problems quickly and on customers’ own terms.

tyntec Customer Service


Embed real-time capabilities into every touchpoint

For example, you can now add two-way communications into any web page. Staff can manage these conversations from the same dashboard they are using for other communication channels.

tyntec Timely Notifications
Always-On Notifications

Send time-sensitive messages to notify customers about important updates. Use text-to-speech technology to ensure the message reaches everyone — even landline users.

tyntec Customer Service
Real-Time Communication

Add a click-to-call button inside apps and websites, and complement it with IVR to ensure a caller gets to the right agent. Prefer SMS? Add a click-to-text button.

tyntec Rich Media Options
Rich Media Options

Reach customers on their favorite chat apps with branded real-time conversations. Use photos to resolve customer care issues more quickly.

tyntec Cross Channel Integration
Cross-Channel Integration

Don’t miss a beat when your customer disconnects from wifi in the middle of a chat. With SMS fallback, you can keep the conversation live across different channels.

tyntec Customer Privacy and Security
Customer Privacy and Security

Keep customers and their data safe with authentication. Use one-time passcodes sent by secure SMS to identify existing account holders, and safely register new ones.

tyntec Two Way Customer Service
Two-Way Customer Conversations

Resolve issues fast by using real-time two-way conversations over SMS, voice, or chat apps. Give your agents the freedom to choose whichever channel works best.

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Marketing Use Case tyntec


Today, marketers can deliver interactions across the entire customer journey – from discovery to purchase to after care.
Product Development tyntec

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Communications can now be built right into your products. Enabling both developers and product managers to power their UX.