Communications during the COVID-19 pandemic

We’re in this together. Now more than ever it’s important for businesses, institutions, governments and NGOs to stay connected with people. tyntec lined up messaging services to help you do just that.


Who we help

tyntec powers messaging globally

tyntec provides two-way messaging to help organizations work remotely and stay in touch with customers.



Be there for your customers through this challenging time. Real-time conversations with your customers and employees are fast and easy via WhatsApp. You can even let your customers place orders on WhatsApp.

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Nonprofits & NGOs

Let’s work together to get the information to more people. Fast. At scale. We have the technology and reach – complete with our special discounted pricing – to help you accomplish your mission.

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Governments & Health Organizations

Keep your citizens and constituents informed and gain support for new measures during this unprecedented crisis. Our mission-critical notification and alert services can help you reach them immediately at scale.

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The COVID-19 pandemic is a challenge we face together.

Like the rest of the world, we have been monitoring the situation with Covid-19 while focusing on proactive measures to avoid potential disruptions. I trust you are, too. 

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What we enable

Reach your customers, employees, citizens

Inform, empower, help. Extraordinary times call for direct, timely, contextual conversations to customers, employees and citizens.


Success story

We helped the German Red Cross

tyntec, Parloa and the German Red Cross are now offering a chatbot for citizens to get questions about COVID-19 answered. We have developed in cooperation with Parloa a chatbot in under one week to provide reliable, fast answers for people. 

This way the German Red Cross is able to provide and react to increased questions from citizens concerned about COVID-19.

Try it out yourself. Just text on WhatsApp to: +49 30 85404106

  • WhatsApp Business Chatbot
  • Automated Answers
  • Fighting Fake-News
  • Real-time Adaptations

Messaging for Crisis Communications

tyntec at your service

Enable messaging with SMS and WhatsApp Business for crisis communications now - with minimum effort. 



Reach anyone, anywhere, anytime with one-way or two-way SMS.

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WhatsApp Business API

Integrate WhatsApp Business as an option to reduce calls to your contact center. 

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Support Inbox

Manage your customer chats via a simple platform. No developer effort needed! For WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, and more. 

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How to Get Started

We help you go live fast

You probably have a plan to double-down on your digital outreach. We can help you rally to find ’contactless’ solutions.

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Let’s discuss your use case and how tyntec can help. And get started right away with our messaging solutions. 

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Setup your account and connect with our APIs. tyntec fast tracks your onboarding with pre-built integrations and automation options.

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Bring your solution live. tyntec guides you with our complete documentation, tutorials and other materials so that you can start connecting with your users.


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