Pricing Restrictions for Business SMS/Messaging



  • Mobile Outbound:

    Alpha Sender ID:
    SMS messages sent to French networks with alpha sender IDs are subject to the following restrictions,

    • The carriers SFR, Bouygues, and Orange will only accept messages with alpha sender IDs for delivery between 8 am and 8 pm local time Monday to Saturday.
    • Special characters in sender IDs are not allowed and will either be replaced by a character escape sequence or the message will be rejected.
    • SMS sent to network NRJ (20826) or Free (20815) will have the sender ID changed to a Short Code.

    Numeric Sender ID is possible at higher rates.

  • 2-Way SMS:

    Virtual Long Number: Only P2P traffic is allowed using French VLN. Lead Time is around 2 weeks.

    Dedicated Short Code: Recommended for A2P traffic. Lead Time is around 10 weeks.


  • Mobile Outbound:

    Content compliance: The following content is under censorship in China

    • Gambling
    • Adult content
    • Property
    • Education
    • Migration
    • Financing
    • Loans
    • Beauty care
    • Cosmetic surgery
    • Healthcare
    • Red Timber
    • Alcohol
    • Politics
    • Fraud
    • Advertisement

    Content pre-registration is mandatory.

    Sender ID will be replaced by a local long number.

  • 2-Way SMS:

    The regulations for 2-Way SMS in China are listed below,

    • Minimum volume for this service is 140 000 Outbound SMS per month
    • The client must have a Chinese office and provide business registration certificate.
    • Long messages are not supported.