CEM Telco 2020

Meet us in London

Meet us in London for the 2020 CEM Telco event this year! Join us for our round table discussions and see how you can utilize the WhatsApp Business API to enhances your customer engagement.

CEM Telco London 2020

Join our Table Discussions

At 2:00pm and 2:30pm on January 28th

Have an in depth conversation about WhatsApp Business solution and conversational commerce. Come by our round table to understand how WhatsApp can improve your business communication, sales, and customer support!

Deep Dive

How WhatsApp Business API Enhances Customer Engagement



  • Different industries are discovering new ways to boost their customer experience, loyalty, and security with WhatsApp
  • What WhatsApp Business API use cases can help telecoms companies with customer services
  • How customer service agents can use the rich, two-way features of WhatsApp to make their customer interactions more conversational