Group Messaging via the WhatsApp Business API: Legit or Not?


Totally legit — the new WhatsApp group feature is designed to kickstart powerful personalized experiences that bring enterprise and customers closer together.

It doesn't take a PhD in anthropology to figure out WhatsApp groups are transforming the way many family members, friends and colleagues interact with one another. The messaging giant hosts over one billion groups making it the de facto choice for those wanting to meet up, tell stories, discuss ideas, exchange media, and offer support.

In turn, this is helping to nurture deeper connections between group members; it's not hard to see why 29 million messages are sent through WhatsApp every single minute.

Personal to commercial: an upgrade for brand engagement and customer support

Crucially, this group functionality is being made available to business for the first time by tyntec, the only WhatsApp Business Solution provider to have rolled out this value-added feature into its Business API offering. The feature offers the same ability to forge meaningful relationships but now with customers who choose to opt-in to the group.

For business, it's a no-brainer. The platform already figures large in many customers' lives so using it in their professional lives as well will be a natural step for them. Also, the benefits are obvious to all parties; deeper, long-term customer relationships, shared goals and outstanding support, all coupled with WhatsApp immediacy.

But how should enterprise deploy this powerful new feature?

What WhatsApp Business Groups Can be Used For

There are several scenarios where the group functionality is ideal for creating personalized customer experiences. For example:

Delivering services

Service VIP clients within a dedicated group, creating the opportunity for bespoke one-on-one conversations.

Think: Financial advisor and high-end client, IT consultant and big-ticket CTO.

Organizing events

Pull all of your event participants together, using the group to update them and answer questions as well as provide post-event feedback.

Think: Conferences, webinars, talks, exhibitions.

Launching products/ services

Create buzz around an up-and-coming launch by inviting interested prospects in and giving them updates and access to demos leading up to the launch date.

Think: Major car launch, new healthcare service.

Offering customer support 

Create a group for fielding quickfire questions from business users about the rollout of brand's product/service within their company to increase adoption and advocacy rates.

Think: Implementation of SaaS product.

Gathering consumer insights

Bring in prospects at the product/service development stage, the WhatsApp group acting as platform where they can suggest ideas for features they'd like to see.

Think: High-value consumer goods.

How WhatsApp Business Groups Work 

To access this range of benefits, interested businesses should partner with tyntec, the only official WhatsApp Business Solution provider who is currently offering the group messaging feature. From there, it's simple to create and maintain a group:

Setting up a WhatsApp group

To initiate the group:

  • Give the group a subject or title that will engage and resonate with the targeted participants.
  • Receive a group ID after the group request has been accepted; this is used to manage the group, send messages, and more
  • Upload a relevant image to act as the group's icon; the icon can be changed or removed at any time.
  • Ask the customer to join the group by sending a text-based invite link.

Remember, customers cannot be added to the group by the business; it's up to the customer if they wish to accept the invite—or reject it.

Maintaining the group

To ensure groups remain manageable:

  • Add or remove admins at any time to help administer the group more efficiently as it expands or contracts.
  • Remove a participant at any time or close the entire group; when all admins leave the group, it is automatically disbanded.
  • Retrieve individual group details to view key information including the WhatsApp IDs of each participant.
  • Retrieve a list of all groups being used at any one time to view key information including details on all participants.

Remember, the enterprise must be the group's first 'participant' and remain in the group during its entire lifecycle.

How to Get Started with WhatsApp Business Groups through tyntec 

To leverage the potential of the new group feature, enterprise must partner with a WhatsApp Business Solution provider who supports the Group Messaging feature in their solution. At this time, tyntec is the only provider currently offering this feature.

By partnering with tyntec, a business can ensure the rollout of its WhatsApp group(s) are targeted, relevant and engaging—and adhere with WhatsApp's rules surrounding implementation and usage. To find out more about how WhatsApp's groups can drive deeper, more personalized relationships with customers, contact tyntec for a live Webinar Session.