Seamless 2FA with Averon

The World's First Autonomous Authentication

This newly available authentication method uses mobile carrier data in the background — verify without requiring any user interaction!

tyntec partners with Averon to provide Seamless 2FA

Simple, Secure, & Instant!

Averon’s technology provides instant, frictionless authentication, making it the easiest, fastest and most secure identity verification solution on the market.

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What's Inside?

In our Seamless 2FA one-pager, get details on:

What Seamless 2FA is

Why it's important

How it's different from standard authentication methods

How you can get started with Seamless 2FA

Why it's Revolutionary

Seamless 2FA

Up until now, only mobile carriers used their signaling data to verify their customers and meter their phone usage. Thanks to the revolutionary technology behind tyntec Seamless 2FA, developed by Averon, the same verification process can now be used to effortlessly authenticate your users.

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