Title: From Resistance to Partnership: Operators shift into monetising OTT

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Description: This tyntec-sponsored survey, based on interviews with over 60 mobile operators across global marketplace conducted by independent research company mobilesquared, shows clear evidence that there has been a significant shift in mobile operator mindset regarding OTT communications. The perception that OTT (Over-the-Top) communications is a threat has been replaced with a revenue-generating opportunity. Mobile operators are now open and receptive to partnering with OTT service providers. The research revealed that 98% of mobile operators will potentially enter into an OTT communications partnership. From the perspective of maturing OTT service providers, operators’ openness to partnership brings forth even greater opportunity as they are moving towards a revenue generation model—as opposed to just focusing on market capitalization—to prove their commercial viability.

With original data and analytical insights, this whitepaper explores and outlines the OTT communications opportunity for mobile operators, and crucial issues for them to tackle.

Title: Unlocking the Mobile Security Potential: The Key to Effective Two-Factor Authentication

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Related Product: OTP-SMS

Description: With advanced cybercrime techniques developing apace, there is a big question of how to protect customer data. Due to its user-friendliness, cost effectiveness and high level of security the emerging verification method of choice is SMS-based two-factor authentication (2FA). New global research by the Ponemon Institute, sponsored by tyntec, reveals 90% of global IT managers say their organisations plan or consider to adopt sending One-Time Passwords (OTPs) in 2014 to improve online security.

However, the same study also found that on average 11-20% of these passwords aren’t being delivered to the intended mobile phone. On average almost 50% of OTPs fail to arrive due to invalid mobile numbers provided by end-users. With many seeing two-factor authentication as a cast-iron security technique, this whitepaper explores how organisations can improve customer satisfaction, reduce customer support costs and achieve higher conversion rates.

Title: OTT services blow up the mobile universe. Operators must act NOW!
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Description: It’s forecasted that by 2017 the OTT (Over The Top) communication market will grow seven times over, increasing revenues from $7.9 billion dollars to a whopping $53.7 billion. But how will operators deal with this hit to their SMS and voice revenues? As the growth of OTT services year-over-year chips away at revenues, and more than half of their estimated subscribers turning towards OTT telephony services like What’s App and WeChat, all signs indicate that now is the time for operators to act.


This tyntec sponsored whitepaper contains original market research by mobilesquared based on survey and personal interview results involving more than 40 MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) and MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) from around the globe.

Title: Achieving App Impact: How to encourage mobile app interaction & engagement with SMS
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Description: By 2016 consumers will download more than 66 billion mobile applications per year. The challenge mobile app developers face is to stand out from the crowd and encourage ongoing interaction with the app once it is downloaded. In our latest whitepaper we discuss ways that you can keep your customers engaged with SMS to encourage use and additional purchases. Using interviews and research from mobile experts with a strong insight into marketing applications this whitepaper offers a unique insight into using SMS to capture and retain the attention of your audience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn how to get your customers to come back to your app and make it a part of their daily routine.


Title: Converged-mobile-messaging analysis and forecasts
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Description: This GigaOM Research and tyntec study takes a close look at developments in the mobile messaging market.
The research shows that nearly 10 trillion SMS and IP mobile messages will be sent in 2013, predicting parity for the first time. This follows a year of significant adoption in consumer-based Internet mobile messaging, driven in part by the global uptake of OTT (over the top) technologies such as WhatsApp and Facebook Chat. Download this in-depth whitepaper for a unique understanding of the value chain of the mobile-messaging market, its drivers and barriers, how it is developing and what strategies are working.

Title: OTT Services: How Operators can overcome the Fragmentation of Communication
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Description: The result of extensive interviews and research by analyst firm mobileSQUARED and sponsored by mobile interaction specialist tyntec, this whitepaper features new figures and forecasts drawing upon data from 68 countries. It forecasts that OTT communications will generate termination and interconnect fee-based revenues for mobile operators of US$ 3.7 billion in 2012 rising to US$ 8.4 billion in 2016. The implications of this figure are clear: there is a big opportunity for forward-thinking operators to generate revenue through OTT. This whitepaper outlines the variety of operator OTT strategies deployed so far and uses the data to illustrate what will work best in the future.

Title: Five ways to use mobile in your internet business
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Description: Cloud telephony is hot topic right now. Many online companies want to go mobile but don’t know how. The burning question is: ‘How can internet or social media companies quickly and effectively integrate mobile into their businesses?’ Find out now in our new whitepaper, as we present the top five use cases on how to power the cloud with mobile.

Title: Five top tips for choosing a telecoms partner for social media and internet applications
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Description:What should an internet or social media company pay attention to when integrating telecoms services into online services like social networking, micro-blogging or free/low cost texting and calling apps? This whitepaper will help to achieve clarity on the most important factors to consider when integrating mobile telecom services in internet and social media services.

Title: Long Numbers for SMS Reception and Interaction
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Description: The current whitepaper highlight is the ‘Long Numbers for SMS Reception and Interaction’ whitepaper produced by tyntec and analyst firm Juniper Research. This whitepaper looks at the rise of SMS as a mobile interaction tool for corporates and discusses the mechanisms that companies can use to facilitate inbound and outbound mobile communications. 

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