Mobile Authentication

tyntec allows companies in a wide range of sectors to implement 2-factor authentication via SMS in a reliable, secure and straightforward way.  Building mobile authentication components, such as One Time Passwords (OTPs) or mTANs, into the transaction processes gives companies access to a powerful, personalized and cost-effective identity authentication tool.

Many possibilities

With Mobile authentication, you can:


  • Enhance security for users of online and mobile banking applications in a cost efficient way.
  • Authenticate transactions on e-commerce sites, as well as for online gambling and auction deals.
  • Authenticate transactions for micro-payments and money transfers online and on mobile devices.
  • Verify access to enterprise systems, especially when users access systems remotely.
  • Implement application log-ins, software activation codes and e-signatures via SMS.
  • Perform mobile subscriber identity verification.

End-to-end security with SMS authentication

tyntec is a specialist provider of global SMS interaction solutions, allowing large enterprises access to high-quality mobile authentication services.  The benefits of choosing tyntec include:


  • 15-second and full OTP SMS delivery guarantees
  • Full reliability and security of OTP / mTAN transmission.
  • End-to-end control over the entire SMS transmission path, guaranteeing full transparency and an audit trail for each authentication SMS sent.
  • Sensitive data is never stored on third-party servers.
  • Time-restricted validity.
  • “Time-to-live” feature prevents the transmission of OTPs if the subscriber is not available, ensuring that expired passwords are not sent.
  • Real-time, handset-sourced delivery receipts.
  • International SMS connectivity.
  • Strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • The Number Lookup module enables companies to enhance anti-fraud procedures by performing identity verifications on the mobile number.

The benefits of implementing mobile for strong SMS authentication

mobile authentication

Real benefits with SMS One Time Passwords

By using OTP SMS passwords as an authentication system, companies can ensure that the right person gains access to secured applications.  SMS authentication also has a number of advantages compared to other 2-factor solutions. These include on-demand passwords, centralized control, a simple user experience, real-time visibility of usage and the increased security offered by limited validity.


SMS also provides cost savings when compared to hardware, software or even paper solutions. 2-factor authentication provides cast-iron guarantees against the risk of attack from malicious software and phishing attacks in a cost effective manner.    


Enhanced security against fraud

In addition, with the Number Lookup module it is possible to check a customer’s location and identity by querying value-added network information directly from the GSM network, which enhances anti-fraud procedures


Gain consumer trust and reduce cost

Providing extra security measures to protect users personal data and assets increases consumer confidence in such applications. Not only does this increase engagement, but it also reduce customer service and call center costs.  


Improved customer convenience

SMS is a simple, popular and user-friendly, simple and popular communications channel. Using text messaging to transmit OTP and mTAN information means users receive information in a format which they are comfortable with, as it is convenient and can be delivered to customers anytime, from anywhere.