Voice Inbound

With the rise of email and the increasing use of instant messaging solutions, voice services are often forgotten as 'old technology'. Yet humans are social beings. It is important for us to talk, not least because it is more personal. 


Voice inbound services are at the heart of tyntec`s tt.One solution. tyntec allows companies to integrate voice calls right into the core of their operations with business-class service. In combination with our SMS & voice enabled numbers the Voice Inbound service allows businesses to seamlessly combine classic telephony into their IP world. This service provides globally-reachable numbers that provide any incoming voice traffic into the desired Voice over IP format to companies.

Integrating Voice Inbound is simple

  • You get number ranges which are regular long mobile phone numbers to receive SMS & voice calls
  • You configure your SIP server to our tt.One platform
  • You receive any inbound call directed to your numbers on your platform


tyntec`s infrastructure can handle high volumes of voice calls per second, even at peak times. Our inbound capacity was engineered specifically for customers requiring fast and reliable handling of incoming messages, calls and data for mission-critical applications.

A wide range of uses

  • Enhance enterprise communications and interaction with geographically dispersed subscribers and/or staff
  • Integrate voice in applications like mobile social networking, Q&As and virtual dating
  • Create various use cases like One Number, anonymous calls, voice-enabled SMS and many more


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Who should use this service?

  • Internet service providers
  • Mobile app developers
  • Social networks
  • Web 2.0