OTP SMS - Accurately verify users, increase conversion rates and create great customer experiences

OTP SMS accurately and efficiently delivers One-Time Passwords (OTPs) to end-user mobile devices. More than just accurate delivery of OTPs, it enhances the already secure, cost efficient and user-friendly, SMS-based two-factor authentication (2FA) process.

With OTP SMS, mobile numbers are validated in advance of sending out the OTP and can report potential errors in real-time. This allows for an upfront notification to the end-user and gives them opportunity to correct faulty numbers—but most importantly—to receive the accurate SMS delivery of the OTP necessary to finalize the transaction.

tyntec enables app developers, internet service providers, financial institutions or other companies to use real-time mobile number validation and precisely deliver OTPs, which leads to a better overall user experience and higher conversion rates.

OTP SMS: accurate delivery, efficient verification, total transparency.

On average, 13% of OTP fail to be delivered. It could be a simple user-error, like a mistyped or inaccurate entry, but errors could also include other technical difficulties. Avoid sending OTPs to invalid or undeliverable mobile numbers – verify and validate with OTP SMS.

Direct benefits of OTP SMS:


  • Higher conversion rates
  • Real-time status information
  • Effective anti-fraud tool
  • Clear user verification
  • Cost efficient – check once, send once
  • Better customer experience

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