Mobile Numbers

Mobile phone numbers (also known as MSISDN, DID or DDI) can virtualize core mobile communications capabilities such as SMS and voice calling into the cloud, eliminating the need for a SIM card. This enables any business to associate a mobile phone number into a wide range of services, from an online identity such as a social networking profile to enterprise and marketing services.


Our mobile phone numbers provides two levels that you choose from:



tyntec mobile numbers

Virtual long numbers: globally reachable, scalable, easy’

tyntec works with long numbers, which are globally-reachable numbers and thus provide a global single number for communication. There are sufficient long numbers available to assign one long number per user on a permanent or temporary basis. In addition, messages sent to long numbers are charged according to standard tariffs - no premium fees.


All of these benefits offer a compelling alternative for inbound services in comparison to short codes.

What you can do with mobile numbers?

  • You can power mobile apps that provide free or low-cost texting and calling. The mobile number enables users to reach and be reached by any of their contacts, regardless if they use the app, a smartphone or wherever they are. 
  • You can associate the mobile numbers with a VoIP account to enable users to use the service wherever they are, on any device.
  • You can enable virtual dating services with temporary, anonymous phone numbers to offer users the ability to talk to their flirts without having to reveal their true mobile phone number, thereby tackling privacy concerns.
  • You can have the mobile number to connect a private mobile network with the public GSM network.
  • You can use inbound numbers for marketing & media such as text-to-win campaigns and broadcasting shows.
  • And many other possibilities!

Making your life easier: full provisioning & management of mobile numbers

Our customers have a single point of access to mobile phone numbers because tyntec deals with mobile operators directly and fully operates and maintains the proprietary mobile number ranges in its subscriber database (also known as HLR - Home Location Register), including port-in and port-out capabilities. 


All of this means that you don`t have to think about dealing with operators or handling the technical and administrative details. We take care of these tasks for you.