Why choose tyntec?

For many companies, taking advantage of the mobile channel can seem like a complex and daunting task. The multitude of standards and access technologies, a seemingly closed approach and country-specific rules, can appear intimidating and prove to be a barrier to embracing mobile. The complexity and fragmentation of the telecom world can make the integration of mobile interaction a lengthy and complicated process for businesses with a knock-on effect on scalability and efficiency.


For companies in this position, tyntec's sophisticated simplicity approach is a welcome change. tyntec reduces the complexity in telecoms in an intelligent way for companies looking to integrate the mobile channel. Our technology, whilst sophisticated in its architecture and developed through years of experience, is designed specifically to provide simplicity in integration and usage.


In addition, our value proposition is based on providing universal mobile services such as voice and SMS which can be used from anywhere, on any device. This universality makes the integration of mobile interaction services highly appealing as a communications solution because it reduces the complexity whenever businesses aim to offer mobile services to their subscribers.

tyntec's sophisticated simplicity is offered across all our products, providing:

  • High quality:
    tyntec offers its customers a unique level of quality in mobile interaction services, with fully reliable, fast and secure services, supported by strict SLAs. The company's platform also has the ability to maintain high volumes of traffic with no service degradation as well as providing high platform availability.
  • Global reach:
    Businesses can integrate the mobile channel into their service offerings on a global scale - seamlessly provided across more than 600 mobile networks through deep-level integration into the telecoms world. 
  •  Easy access: tyntec works with fully ubiquitous, universal and standard mobile technologies, protocols and interfaces. This means that our services work anywhere, on any device through a single point of access. Such an approach provides businesses with massive reach as well as business-critical scalability when integrating the mobile channel.
  •  Flexibility:
    tyntec's proprietary platform is highly flexible and can therefore accommodate customer and mobile network provider specific requests, as well as tailor mobile services across the fragmented mobile telecommunications world. 
  •  Convenience:
    tyntec's services are easy and fast to integrate for business customers - no hardware or software installation. Instead, just one interface operated by a highly skilled support team of telco experts, with just one reporting and admin console to cover many diverse and complex telco networks globally in a "plug & play" manner.


Proven through 10 years in operation, tyntec's infrastructure is highly robust and reliable, with the ability to maintain high volumes of traffic with no service degradation as well as providing high platform availability. Customers can rely on tyntec for high quality telecom services for deployment in mission critical applications and high volume applications around the clock.


tyntec has a proven track record of innovation, with several granted and pending patents. The company was the first to provide SS7-based messaging services as well as the first to create a high quality industry standard for SMS. tyntec's latest product developments, incorporating multimedia services such as voice and texting into its mobile interaction solutions as well as the provision of tt.One to enable the convergence of mobile telco and web service is once again leading the market.


This approach has been adopted by more than 500 businesses, including some of the largest companies in the world. If you are interested in finding out how we can help you, please contact us.