Management team

Jochen Dose, CEO / CFO

Jochen Dose is the CEO and CFO of tyntec. He began in 2011 and through his leadership, motivation and support of the tyntec teams, has instilled a forward-moving momentum within the organization. A natural facilitator, Jochen has been pivotal in enabling tyntec in progressing towards creating new business opportunities by improving and enhancing the current offerings of tyntec, as well as inspiring the development of products and services that will be in demand tomorrow. His dynamic and enterprising management style paired with his sense of determination and commitment equate to continual development and advancement of the company, propelling it to a higher degree of distinction within the mobile industry.

Additionally, Jochen is involved in managing the entirety of day-to-day operations as well as leading the financial planning, strategy and execution of tyntec as it continues to expand into a large global enterprise.

Before joining tyntec, Jochen held a number of senior finance roles in the retail and finance sectors. He was previously Head of Finance for Primondo GmbH, a sub-group of Arcandor AG and the holding company for the mail-order giant Quelle and Home Shopping Europe. Jochen also acted as Head of Treasury at Home Shopping Europe and Head of Finance at HOT Networks. In each of these organizations, Jochen achieved success in creating ambitious long-term strategies to sustain and strengthen these companies through times of change.

Jochen’s credentials include his time as Director at IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG where he held several positions at various branches in Germany and Luxembourg. His specific areas of responsibility included risk-assessment and relationship management with special focus on evaluating client companies and developing strategies to enable smaller businesses to emerge as larger entities while maintaining their corporate assets and reaching higher financial plateaus. In each of his previous roles, Jochen immersed himself into the businesses to gain a clearer understanding about how each could be brought to their fullest potential and yield their highest possible service and operational excellence.

Jochen studied Business Administration in Kiel and Regensburg and he holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Regensburg in Germany.

Jochen Dose - tyntec

Thorsten Trapp, Co-Founder and CTO

Serial entrepreneur Thorsten Trapp co-founded tyntec in 2002. His deep knowledge on the technical side of telecommunications combined with his ability to spot emerging trends and develop products and services to meet industry demand mean he is a highly regarded industry expert who is a regular feature in the global trade press.

Based in the company’s technical headquarters in Dortmund – where he studied computer science and biology at the Technical University – Thorsten developed the company's Mobile Messaging platform architecture which powers tyntec’s core business and is chiefly responsible for the company’s technical innovations and intellectual property. In this capacity he authored all nine of tyntec’s patent families and has been named in 33 patent applications in total. Amongst others, he is the inventor of tyntec’s dynamic SS7 platform, its Mobile Number Portability System and disruptive tt.One product.

Thorsten is a hands-on CTO who is active in driving many parts of the business, including the development of new business models to support tyntec’s products and services. He is also experienced in negotiations with investors and global enterprise clients. In addition, he possesses first-hand management experience in successfully overseeing the growth and transformation of his company from a handful of employees to the global 150-person company it is today.

Having played a key role in bringing enterprise-level SMS services to multinationals on a global scale, Thorsten believes that the next challenge the telecommunications industry faces is to master the convergence of telecommunications and emerging IP-based communication systems.

Thorsten Trapp - tyntec

Nicola Wolfram, COO

Nicola Wolfram is the Chief Operating Officer at tyntec. She joined tyntec in November 2008 and oversees the firm's business operations including: Strategy, Business & Organizational Development, Product & Service Management, Development, Human Resources, and Marketing & Communications. 


Prior to joining tyntec, Nicola was a member of the corporate level management team for AOL Germany within the AOL Time Warner Group, responsible for Corporate Communications, Public Policy, Human Resources and Organizational Development. She served as Chairwoman for the initiative “Digitale Chancen” and Vice Chairwoman for the “D21” initiative, respectively, spearheading cooperation between corporations and the German government to develop the digital landscape in Germany. 


Nicola’s background also includes her time as a Director for Corporate Communications of AXA Konzern AG, Warner Bros. Movie World and also as a senior consultant in various communications and management consultancies – with special focus on helping large corporations drive forward in disruptive change scenarios such as post-merger integration processes, cultural and corporate change programs on an international level.


Nicola graduated in Communications Science, Economics and Psychology at Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich in Germany.

Nicola Wolfram - tyntec

Jose Garcia, Vice President Sales & Carrier Relations

Jose Garcia heads up tyntec’s Sales and Carrier Relations teams and has full responsibility for overseeing the company’s operator relationships, supporting SMS, voice and SCCP services along with leading our Sales teams.

Jose has ten years prior experience at Verizon Business, where he was Regional Manager IDD heading up a team focussed on international voice services in Europe, overseeing a turnover of $220m per annum.   Following this he was also at the Gemalto owned company Netsize, where he managed the company’s relationships with operators in central and southern Europe.  Jose has an MBA from Goethe University in Frankfurt.   

Jose Garcia - tyntec

Jens Schröder, Vice President Development

Jens Schröder is the VP of Development at tyntec.  In this role he is responsible for heading up the development team which is tasked with driving the innovation of the platform and associated infrastructure. He also heads-up several special project teams for the company.

Joining in 2005, Jens has more than seven years’ experience at tyntec.  This gives him a deep knowledge of not only the company’s technology, but across the entire mobile industry. Prior to this, Jens worked at the Technical University in Dortmund, where he carried out research into software engineering.

Jens Schröder - tyntec

Giovanni Benini, Vice President Product and Service Management

Giovanni Benini joined tyntec at the beginning of 2011 and is the Vice President Product and Service Management. He has a broad remit at the company, with responsibility for the delivery and management of all tyntec product lines including the operational service offering.


Giovanni has over 15 years’ experience in the telecoms sector across the board, working for everything from fixed line to mobile and enterprise providers. Prior to tyntec, he held a management position at Siemens working in a range of roles from Product Management to Business Development. Giovanni holds a Masters in Physics from Bayreuth University in Germany.

Giovanni Benini - tyntec

Dominik von Blanckenstein, Vice President Projects

Dominik von Blanckenstein joined tyntec in 2010 and is Vice President Projects. He is responsible for running the project management office, overseeing and managing all complex projects within tyntec. He is also in charge of managing the implementation and deployment of product delivery processes throughout the organization.

Prior to joining tyntec, Dominik was a telecoms consultant at Accenture.  Here he undertook a number of complex projects across the company’s telecommunications client-base.  This developed Dominik’s extensive management and methodology experience, which he now brings to tyntec. Dominik holds a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from Technical University Munich, with a focus on communications networks.

Dominik Blanckenstein - tyntec