About tyntec

tyntec is a mobile interaction specialist, enabling businesses to integrate mobile services into business-to-business, business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer communications in a simple, high quality and global way. Founded in 2002, tyntec started as an enterprise SMS provider and is now evolving into a telecom-web convergence enabler for seamless interaction between the mobile and internet worlds.

The beginning

In the early 2000s, SMS was seen as primarily a consumer tool, best used for teenagers to chat and interact. The reliability of the technology was generally deemed to be insufficiently robust to support enterprise or mission critical communications and so was overlooked as a channel for these deployments.


However, two individuals in Germany had a different vision. They saw that, using the right infrastructure and process, SMS could be made into an enterprise quality communications tool. In 2002 Ralph Eric Kunz and Thorsten Trapp came together to found tyntec. Following the first few successful months of operations Michael Kowalzik joined and the start-up managing team was complete.


The key vision of tyntec’s founders was to create an SMS delivery infrastructure that could meet the exacting requirements of enterprise communications.  It needed to be fast, in order to leverage the benefits of mobile; it needed to be reliable, in order to ensure that mission critical messages weren’t lost or delayed; it needed to be secure, in order to give enterprises the confidence to adopt the technology; and it needed to be traceable, giving users a complete audit trail of communication in order to meet the needs of potential customers.


tyntec addressed these points by developing and operating its own infrastructure and having a deep connection to the telco world.

The technology and innovation behind the scenes

tyntec approached the problem of creating enterprise quality SMS through two key innovations: a proprietary SMS platformand technology infrastructure and direct access into the mobile network. 


The first innovation was the creation of a proprietary messaging platform to manage and control SMS transmission and reception, enabling tyntec to build new functionalities and innovate around its core offering. The second innovation was to transmit SMS messages via an operator-level mobile network connection. Having this direct access enabled tyntec to provide customers with reliable, secure and transparent SMS services.


These were not the only innovations. In its history, tyntec has been responsible for a number of industry milestones, such as the first service level agreements for the provisioning of SMS, the first integrated voice and text inbound long number and the first GSMA compliant SMS hubbing technology. All these innovations are based on a number of patents. More recently, tyntec has developed its new telecom-web convergence solution: tt.One

The next stage

With this technology and quality basis in place, tyntec was ready to grow. From day one it was clear that there was a significant demand for enterprise SMS, with major corporations including Accenture, TNT Airways and Unilever signing up as clients in the early days of the business. By 2007 tyntec was working with more than 100 enterprise clients, including Skype, Lufthansa and Vasco. Today, the business has grown to more than 500 clients and 150 people in six global offices.


In 2010/2011, tyntec entered the next stage of its development. With the business established as a market leader in enterprise quality SMS, tyntec leveraged its capabilities to create a platform that would enable internet companies to access universal mobile services such as voice, SMS and mobile numbers in a simple and powerful way.  


The new managed solution enables internet companies to access mobile services simply and through a single point of contact. By using its connectivity and technical expertise, tyntec created a telco-web convergence offering that effectively translates between the telecom and internet worlds, the tt.One solution.

Our sophisticated simplicity promise

The extension of tyntec’s product capabilities gives it a broad and powerful suite of products.  As well as its tt.One capabilities and established inbound and outbound SMS services, the company also offers broader voice capabilities.


The company’s products are tied together by the same proposition – sophisticated simplicity in mobile interaction. tyntec’s technology, whilst sophisticated in its architecture and developed through years of experience, is designed specifically to provide simplicity in integration and usage.

Now and the future: Always a success story to tell

Some have argued that the growing ubiquity of smartphones and mobile internet access will be a threat to technologies such as SMS and voice, however tyntec is confident that these products will remain as relevant as ever. For one, it seems from the evidence to date that, even when customers are given a portfolio of communications choices on mobile, then SMS and voice remain as a key part of their communications mix. Secondly, in much of the developing world ubiquitous access to smartphones and 3G are still a long way off. 


Presently, tyntec  is at an exciting point in its development. Its SMS business continues to grow as the technology becomes a default part of enterprise’s communications portfolio and its new product suite promises to take the company into new markets and a new stage of growth.


tyntec will remain a major player in the enterprise mobility and telco-web convergence worlds.  Its approach of offering clients high-quality mobile interaction through simplified, standardized interfaces means that its product propositions remain as relevant as ever in this ever more complex world.